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made with a whole lot of love & moon magic

in North Carolina 


Soy Candles ~ Body & Room Sprays ~ Herbal Teas ~ Apparel 

Home-Made, All-Natural, Sustainable, & High Quality Ingredients

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if you love the cosmos, have seen the moon follow you in your car,  feel at peace gazing at the night sky, or are a human being who's magical power is being YOU,  then you are officially Moonstruck <3 

soy candles
Flames for Change Program


We're excited to share our hand poured soy candles that are on a mission to be a

Flame for Change <3


Safe: We use 100% all natural soy wax, natural cotton wicks, & clean scents FREE from Phthalates.

Sustainable: Each candle is delivered with biodegradable packing peanuts, recycled boxes, and all of our jars are reusable & recyclable. We even have an entire line of sustainable luxury candles! 

Flames for Change Program: Each year, we partner with non-profits & donate to organizations dedicated to creating change in their communities. When you purchase a FFC candle, we donate proceeds to our partner organization - so you are directly supporting their mission! 

#EarthIsFirst #FlamesForChange #MoonstruckMagic #Safe&Sustainable

* Smells like magic *

One way we like to take care of our mental health is focusing on our 5 senses. Sense of smell is powerful stuff, and we have found that a spray of our favorite scent help us feel a sense of calm, groundedness, safety, or uplift. 

KA POW: Introducing our body & room sprays that not only smell divine, but spray high quality & safe ingredients. 

Safety: Rest assured that every single essential oil in your spray is: free from GMO's and harmful pesticides, cruelty free, certified organic, and goes through rigorous third party testing. 

#KaPow #SmellsLikeSafeMagic

All natural body & room sprays


all natural herbal tea blends


So what's the tea??

There's a phrase we like to use in our home that goes a little something like this: "sit down with your anxiety like it's a good friend. Have a cup of tea with it."

We wanted to honor the sacred ritual of making and preparing tea and give you high quality ingredients that fill your cup with comfort & joy. 

My Cup of Tea: All of our teas are caffeine-free and home made with high quality certified organic herbs- bringing you a delish blend of aromas that you can sip & feel good about. 

#WhatsTheTea #SipSip #MoonstruckMagic

Legend has it the moon was struck by lightning and out came a small magical business in North Carolina dedicated to wellness. Then, appearing from the moon's shadow, Gen Z shouted "apparel line or it didn't happen." 

Our apparel line is one of a kind & unique- our goal is to create artistic statement pieces that tell a story and empower people to feel their best selves.  Each piece is crafted with our hand written poetry & phrases, and our unique moonstruck logo and designs. Because many of our items are one of a kind finds, once something sells out we can't guarantee it will ever come back in stock. But always check back for new finds, the magic that is meant for you will find you :)


we can't wait to see you rock these items in all the complexity and magic you are <3

#MoonstruckMagic #ApparelLineOrItDidntHappen  #BeingYouIsMagic 

moonstruck apparel